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Savvy car owners, both environmentally and economically driven, have chosen electric and hybrid vehicles to cut carbon emissions and cost from their daily commutes.

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While plenty of options for plug-in vehicles now flood the market at seemingly low prices, drivers soon realize most electric options only get them thirty to eighty miles on a single charge. This reality leads most to annoyance and anxiety over the lack of charging stations and the very real money they are spending every time they fill up with gas and electricity.

Enter the ME2 L-Loop™: The Lithium to Lead battery range extender for your local commute.

With the ME2 L-Loop, you’ll experience the freedom of having a mobile charging station inside your vehicle that recharges hassle-free as soon as you charge your existing battery system.

Retrofitting your car with the ME2 L-Loop is as simple and as pain-free as having a technician outfit your vehicle with a new sound system. In fact, when you buy your ME2 L-Loop for your plug-in electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you will also receive the listings of ASE certified mechanics in your area that will be able to install your new system.

If you become one of our first 100 customers, you will receive lifetime upgrades on firmware and electronics––so join our early adopters now! Enter your email now, and one of our support staff will contact you to help answer any questions, and assist you in ordering your new ME2 L-Loop, today!

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